Reiki Master

Process For Becoming A Reiki Master

Reiki Master - Become a Reiki Master Online!Becoming a Reiki master opens up a new world for any practitioner, and the best part is that you can become a Reiki master easily online! Practitioners who become a Reiki master will better connect to their higher selves, will heal themselves and others, and will become better channels for ki. In addition, a Reiki master will display dexterity with attunement techniques, will have extended and increased energy, and will be able to instruct others. For anyone who becomes a Reiki master, the choice should be an answer to a spiritual calling, and the process for training should take all the time needed.

The Japanese word “Reiki” actually combines the smaller words “rei” and “ki”. “Rei” is another word for God-consciousness, while “ki” is another word for life force energy. By treating the mind, spirit, body, and emotions, through the laying on of hands, the techniques open the body to the flow of the spiritually-guided life force.

Reiki master techniques are not passed down entirely by traditional teaching. Instead, the knowledge is channeled into students through the process of Reiki attunement, via the hands of a Reiki master. An attunement opens and expands a student’s psychic abilities, by opening the palm, heart, and crown chakras. With guidance from the Rei, and attendance from other spirits, the attunement experience is unique to each individual student.

3 Levels to Become a Reiki Master

Level I – Shoden

The first level of proficiency is called Shoden. After experiencing their first attunement, students learn hand positions, which allow them to channel ki through the body. In addition, students learn the affirmations of the founder, and the ideals of traditional practice.

Level II – Okuden

Level II, or Okuden, is sometimes taught together with Shoden. Okuden teaches students the significance of the first three symbols, and how they both increase energy, and provide power over mental and emotional problems. Some teachers may require their students to prove their energy-sensing abilities, before allowing them to move forward with Okuden.

Level III – Reiki Master

Level III, also called Shinpiden, consists of two parts. The first part teaches students the fourth Reiki master symbol, and its many uses. Then, the second part allows practitioners to become a Reiki master, by teaching them to give Reiki attunements, and to pass on their knowledge to others. Many teachers require prospective Reiki masters to complete an apprenticeship, during which they may co-teach classes, and provide support.

Choosing a teacher requires a great deal of awareness. An understanding of the calling, as well as a deep knowledge of the self, will guide students toward the best teacher. In addition, students should consider a teacher’s experience, and Reiki master level of maturity, along with that teacher’s ability to challenge students to grow. Also, students should look for a teacher who will maintain a long-term relationship with them, for each party’s mutual benefit. This long-term relationship can also be Reiki training online.

The International Center for Reiki Training, and the International Association of Reiki Professionals, are both good resources for finding great teachers. These organizations require their members to adhere to standards of practice, and a strict code of conduct, in addition to providing professionals with liability insurance. After partnering with the right teacher, students must make sure that they give themselves enough time to truly mature in their practice. The desire to transform into a Reiki master, and the sense of spiritual calling, will never be lost to the right student.