Reiki Attunement

5 Advantages Of Undergoing Reiki Attunement

Reiki AttunementReiki is a Japanese term that refers to a common and spiritual life force that flows through and about everything that is. Reiki attunement is a method through which you get the ability to offer healing through Reiki treatment. To get this ability to heal yourself or others, you first have to become a Reiki Master. It’s easy to become a Reiki Master following certified systems that give you Reiki training for all 3 levels until you become a Reiki Master. By way of initiation a person is empowered to apply this energy to heal the self and also provide similar relief to other people. Listed below are five advantages an individual can get from Reiki attunement.

While undergoing the ritual during the course of a session, which ordinarily lasts 20 to 30 minutes, a Reiki master will lay hands on the head, shoulders and hands of a student, while using some specific breathing technique. This is when life energy flows from the Reiki master through the person on the receiving end. The initiate in this way becomes connected to vital healing energy.

Perhaps one of the first advantages of undergoing Reiki attunement is that such treatment generates a feeling of intense relaxation in the student. In addition, Reiki attunement also provides a harmonious feeling to body, mind and spirit. People experiencing this is then also enabled to perform similar functions for others.

From the moment this induction has taken place, Reiki attunement is easy to apply for the benefit of the self as well as others. Reiki attunement will not ever disappear. This personally meaningful experience will forever remain until the initiate passes away. One cannot unlearn Reiki attunement, even if the person were never to use it again on others.

Practice Reiki Attunement on You and/or Others

Qualifying as a Reiki master doesn’t always mean one has to teach its techniques to other people. Many people practice Reiki attunement on themself only. Naturally, lots of people undergo the initiation in the hope of helping to lay hands on others for purposes of healing. Restoring balance, harmony and joy to the lives of individuals happens to be a deeply satisfying thing to do for many disciples.

Reiki Attunement has Nothing to do with Religion

Practicing Reiki attunement is not about adopting any religious dogma. Every person can undergo initiation or receive Reiki treatment, notwithstanding the person’s religious inclinations. This is a relief to many people as some might have thought it amounts to adopting a new set of moral, religious or ethical principles. Anybody benefits from Reiki attunement, and age or cultural background doesn’t matter.

The ritual itself has various levels, and individuals could progress to its higher stages if that’s the desire. This will enhance a person’s knowledge of the Reiki attunement immensely. Moreover, it leads to broadening and deepening one’s knowledge and experience of life in general, way beyond the confines of the discipline itself.

Lots of individuals all over the world have undergone healing at the hands of practitioners. It has cured many of today’s illnesses including stress, respiratory diseases and even nagging headaches. There’s no doubt that folk having received reiki attunement could do a lot of beneficial actions for other people, as well as applying it to heal the self. The benefits referred to here are only a few that follows from having received access to the healing powers of this age-old practice.